WCDMA/UMTS 第三代無線通訊系統 核心網路 架構介紹﹝2﹞

SNSubscriber Numbere1010xxxx1455761455766bytesSubscriber Number 3Packet Data Protocol Context PDP Context PDPPacket Data ProtocolIPX.25PDP ContextPDP ContextPDP ContextIP 1 SGSNPDP Context 2 SGSNPDP ContextQoSSGSNGGSNSGSNGGSNtunnel 3 GGSNISPRADIUSRemote Authentication Dial-In User ServiceIP 4IP RADIUSIPIPIP 1 IPeIPHLRGPRSSGSNHLR 2 IPeGGSNDHCPIP 3 IPeGGSNISPIPISP 4Mobile Station Roaming NumberMSRN MSCMSCMSC MSCMSISDNMSCVLRHLRMSRN PSTNMSISDNGMSCGMSCMSISDNHLRHLRMSC/VLRMSRNHLRHLRGMSCGMSC MSRN MSRN MSRNMSRNLocation AreaLALAIDMSRN PSTNGMSCHLRHLRMSRNGMSCGMSCLAMSRNHLR MSRN : CC + NDC + SN MSISDN 5Temporary Mobile Subscriber IdentityTMSIPacket TMSIP-TMSI TMSIIMSI TMSIMSC/VLRSIMVLRHLR TMSI32 bitesIMSITMSIMSC/VLR TMSIP-TMSISGSNSGSNSGSNSGSNP-TMSISGSNSGSN 6International Mobile Station Equipment Identify (IMEI) IMEIIMEIEIREquipment Identify Rqgister:SIMIMEISIMIMEI IMEI: TAC + FAC + SNR + SP TACType Approval Codee610NokiaEricssonMotorola FACFinal Assembly Codee610 SNR Serial Numbere610SNR SP Sparee1100 7Location Area Identity LAILocation Area ID Broadcast ChannelBCHLAILocation AreaLAILAILAIVLRLocation Update LAILocation Area ID : MCC + MNC + LA Code MCCMobile Country Codee310IMSIMNCIMSIMCC MNCMobile Network Codee2-3bytesIMSIMNCIMSIMNC LA CodeLocation Area Codee Location AreaLAMSC/VLRCellsRouting AreaRASGSNLARAMSC/VLRCellsSGSNUTRAN Registration RreaURAUTRANRNCCell 8 Cell Global IdentityCGI LALocation AreaCellCICell Identifier16 bitsLACell CILAI CGI=LAI + CI =MCC + MNC + LA Code+ CI LAILACILACellCGICell Communication Management WCDMA/UMTSCircuit-SwitchConnection ManagementPacket-SwitchSession Management Circute-SwitchedConnection Management Connection Management PSTNMOCMSC/VLRPTCGMSCPSTNPSTNPOCGMSCMTCMSC/VLR Connection ManagementMSC/VLR42Echo Cancalling EC Packet-SwitchedSession ManagementSessionPacket Data ProtocolPDPSessionPDP ContextPDP ContextSessionQoS:IPPDP ContextQoSQoSQoSPDP Context CISCO2GIP IP3GPP R5IP IP E-Mail: […]

Providing Seamless Roaming Service for Mobile Host with Multiple Communication Devices

Table 2 Processing overhead introduced by the proposed adaptive communication system Ethernet (IEEE 802.3) IP datagram receiving (without adaptive communication system) 5.509 Mb/sec IP datagram receiving (with adaptive communication system) 5.308 Mb/sec Percentage of receiving overhead (%) 3.65 IP datagram transmission (without adaptive communication system) 8.776 Mb/sec IP datagram transmission (with adaptive communication system) 8.424 Mb/sec Percentage of transmission overhead (%) 4.001 Figure 6 Snapshoot of the active device controller (I) Figure 7 Snapshoot of the active device controller (II) Figure 8 Snapshoot of the active device controller (III) 5. […]